what we do?

Our current project in the south of Mombasa/Kwale District focuses on a capacity building day care center for children, vocational training for girls and boys and a future children’s home.

our projects

Day Care Center

Capacity building through a combination of playing and teaching

Their future

A Children’s home will give orphans a second chance in life


Equal rights, responsibilities and opportunities of girls and boys

Local Community

Involving each individual and sharing his/her gift


For a better chance in the adult life, tools and skills they need


Building a new day care center for children as well as vocational training

Our future projects:

Why a capacity building day care center?

A capacity building day care center will rescue children from a life on streets, where they might be confronted with criminal activities, thereby loosing the opportunity to lead a productive and fulfilling life. Capacity building through a combination of playing and teaching and on aiming on relevant themes like Hygiene promotion, First Aid awareness as well as Human- and Child Rights awareness will give the children and youth a solid foundation for their future lives.

Why vocational training:

Vocational training for young girls and boys is an opportunity to give these young people tools and skills for future work/jobs and thus a chance to build positively on their future lives.
For example mechanical-and sowing training for unprivileged young people enables them to acquire knowledge and knowhow to run later a small business and be able to survive, to contribute to an income of their partner or to finance studies of their own or their children

Why a future Children’s home?

As other countries in Africa, Kenya faces the problem of orphaned children who lost their parents through HIV/Aids, Malaria or other diseases. If the grandparents or the extended family are not in state to support/take care of the orphaned children, the risk of winding up on the street is given.
A Children’s home managed like a family will give these children a home and an opportunity to have a better life in future

Including the local community:

Each and everyone has gifts – no matter if young or old – we give the chance to integrate these gifts into our project.
Including the local community by giving responsibilities through organizing and teaching tasks will be a capacity and community building possibility.

Gender equality and cultural awareness:

Gender equality means that needs, interests and priorities of both – women and men are taken into account and by recognizing the variety of different groups of women and men.
Learning about equal rights, responsibilities and opportunities of girls and boys as well as women and man while playing is another objective of our project.
Cultural awareness through teaching and socializing with different children and young people will enable these ones to integrate in a multi cultural environment in the present and in their future work environment.

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