Our Actions

  • CHILDREN FOR CHILDREN vzwAction Meeting
  • CHILDREN FOR CHILDREN vzwAction Meeting
  • CHILDREN FOR CHILDREN vzwAction Meeting
  • CHILDREN FOR CHILDREN vzwAction Meeting

On the spot/Kenya:

  1. plusDistributions of school material to several schools such as to the “Fumbini School“ in Kilifi and to “Mwaroni School“ in Ukunda
  2. plus Distributions of medical supplies and medicines to a bush clinic in the mangroves
  3. plusDigging and construction of a 27 meter deep freshwater well which will provide the project with fresh water
  4. plusStart up of goats a milking herd
  5. plusConstruction of a small, two-room outer house serving for various purposes such as shelter for a local guard and small meeting area
  6. plusConstruction of a septic tank on the projects compound
  7. plusConstruction of the first 3 classrooms

Help us lend a hand!
Our Association will support a local group of Ebola survivors in the Guinea.

Actions in Europe and USA:

St. John’s School, California, USA

500 students organize on a regular basis various fundraising activities (fashion shows)

St. Lucy’s Priory High School, California, USA

Two students secure a donation for the project through the Kiwanis International Organization

The donation is tripled by engaging 1000 students in a fundraising effort

Lycée Jean Renoir/ »Club de Solidarité », Munich, Germany 

Regular project presentations at the « Club Solidarité »

Students of the Solidarity Club organize on a two year basis a festival, raffle or bake sale to support the project

Kindergarden Dorsten, Germany

Project presentations at the Kindergarden

Private donations

Private donations are done on various occasions (birthdays, Christmas and other festivities)

Creation of a drawing book for children

The small drawing book was created by one of the members and will help the association to raise funds in the future. Soon to be published...

our sponsors

Besides schools that regularly show support, numerous private individuals contribute their donations and assist with their professional expertise as mentors.